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Was looking at that Game of Thrones set from WSP..


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...I realized it might be about the same cost and get bigger bottles if you buy just the ones that appealed to you out of the set, since individual bottles are currently on sale.  So I added 2 oz bottles of all of them except the four that didn't appeal to me, and yes, it turned out a little less expensive and for twice as much of each scent kept.  The four that weren't appealing to me were described as smelling like beer or had some other unappealing (to me) note.


So there's your dirty rotten enabling for the weekend.  Now I have a WSP order to finish placing.  :)



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Am I seriously the ONLY person on this forum who got these???  I want somebody to talk about them with!  I'm cycling through them trying to pick what I'm going to put in perfume or body spray next.


Essence of Nightshade just might become my favorite sleepytime scent.....

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