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CSN versus HTP wicks or chart needed

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Here are my observations: 

In a 16oz straight sided glass jar, with 2 3/4" diameter opening, with parrafin wax, I would start with an HTP 73 or 83.

Same jar, palm wax, I would start with an HTP 104 or 1212.

Same jar, Palm wax, CSN 9 or 12.


The trouble is, because HTPs are only partially compatable with Palm wax, you have to use a ridiculously oversized wick to get a suitable flame in ANY size jar. So it's really hard to draw a comparison.


Personally, I ordered the sample size pack from CS and considered it well worth the investment.


For a 2 1/2" diameter you're probably good with a CSN 9 or 12. For a 3" diameter a 12 or 14. For a 3 1/2", I'd try a 14 or 16. Once you get up into the CSN 20+, those things are like ropes, and I usually just double or triple wick at that point.


Edited to say that @Candybee has a lot of experience with CSN wicks, and helped me immensely with my wicking. Perhaps she can chime in with her viewpoint too.

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