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Avobath (type)

Sarah S

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Disclaimer: I have never smelled the original from Lush, so I couldn't say if this is an accurate dupe or not.




cold process: coconut soap (coconut oil and rice bran oil), lye solution 30%

fo load: 5%

additives: salt

notes: soaped pretty hot, 100-110ish, no acceleration, no ricing

discoloration: none

CT: very strong*, no morphing, still strong after 6 months

WT: very strong


*This is a great lemon fresh kind of FO. Wonderful in soap, very popular. Fantastic in lotion, super strong, so a little goes a long way. I think it's a little softer and more well-rounded than a straight lemon, it doesn't smell like a floor cleaner to me, but it also does not have any bakery or sugar notes either. Very pleasant if one likes lemon. 


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wax: CBL 125

fo load: 7%

container: glass, mason

wicking: wicked down one size from usual, HTPs

cure: 1 week

CT: strong

HT: weak*, fuel smell while burning


* So sad, this had the dreaded fuel smell when we lit it up. My daughter was very hopeful, she loves this fragrance, but the lemon smell was not strong enough to overcome the fuel smell. Perhaps a change in wicks would make a difference, but I moved on to other oils instead of struggling with it.





wax: CBL141

fo load: 7%

container/mold: portion cups

additives: none

cure: 1 week

CT: strong

HT: moderately strong*


*No fuel smell with the melts, as one would expect. This is moderately strong, but not blow the shutters off strong. A good thing, IMO!

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