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Supernova (type)

Sarah S

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First off, I just want to say that I have never smelled the original from Lush, so I can not comment on whether this dupe is accurate or not. It does, however, smell just like the one from Nurture Soap, at a much lower price. 



cold process: 40% animal fat, 60% veggie fats, 30% lye solution

fo load: 5%

additives: kaolin clay, charcoal swirls

notes: soaped about 90-100 degrees, no acceleration, no ricing

CT: strong, no morphing, still strong after 6 months*

WT: strong

very very light discoloration, like a cream color


* This is my oldest daughters "signature" scent. She loves it in her shampoo and conditioner, and her soap. She is 16, for reference. It is a little fruity, a little musky, clean without being too fresh or detergent like. Her friend swears she smells patchouli in it, but my nose can't detect it. It is a nice complex scent.

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wax: palm 1 crystal container

container: glass tumbler

fo load: 6%

wicking: CSN, standard size for jar

cure: 2 weeks

CT: moderate

HT: moderate*


*The throw was good, but not all that strong. The nature of the fragrance, I think. We decided it's better as soap, lol. Oh, but it does make AWESOME incense, especially if you're tired of the same old resin/woody/patch types. 

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