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What color lids should I go with?

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I've made up for one of my accounts a small limited collection of candles like I usually do for the holidays and this being Easter, I did the labels as in picture which will be here any day.  I found the bunny rabbit artwork and then I added a green border around the bunny.  I chose 2 of her most best selling scents which are Island Pineapple (is really pineapple cilantro) and Lemon Verbena.  These are the 2 scents I'm doing the collection in.

I'm stuck on what type lid I should go with.

The jar I'm using is the pint canning jar.

I was thinking the silver/pewter old timey lids or should I spray the lids a distressed white?   Could use some suggestions?

I hope she likes the label cause it's always a surprise of what I come up with as she doesn't know what I'm doing till I deliver....lol...but I thought these would be so cute for Easter.

Thanks for looking.








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Actually Terry I looked at them and though it is bright, they would work I believe.   They also have a green that would work too.   But now I am out of time as I have to deliver the candles by the weekend and have no lids in the green or yellow.   If I were to order them from Fillmore shipping is close to 20.00 and I'm not paying that amount for 2 dozen lids as light as they weigh.


So I'm thinking of going with the pewter or the silver zinc that I presently have or spray them a distressed white.   Here is a picture of the silver lids I have.   I think these would work just fine.






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The zinc lid would look good as would the white.

Didn't know you were on a time constraint but even if you had the time $20 bucks for shipping the lids? Heck no!

BTW - labels are adorable ....  You are most def. the Queen of labels!

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