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Liquid colors. What should I get.

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Jeana posted those fun color candles, and now I have colored candle lust! I have a couple liquid colors from Wellington Fragrance that work well.

Some of you have said there are stinky and not so stinky, and from some past this and that bottle some of the liquids are not all that dissolved well.



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Whatever you do, do not buy the liquid dye from AZTEC. They don't give you the squeeze dropper they have a hard plastic dropper/lid that you twist to open. No matter how careful I have been I wind up having dye all over the place. 

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Other than the rubber dropper being eaten away from the dye and so forth, I never had any trouble with Bittercreek dyes other than user error. You know when you dump it and it makes a mess.  I never had any complaints or noticed a smell in my final product. I only used a small amount per lb say 4 drops usually max. I accepted the lighter colors and never tried for the bolder colder with liquid dye in soy. For red I always used cinnamon red dye chips or the red powder from Bittercreek.

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