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Ecosoya pillar blend sticking to corners of silicone mould


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Im a newbie and have just started making a few wax melt bars for family as we spend far too much money on melts!

i use the ecosoya pb and have issues with it sticking to the corners of the 8 cell silicone bar moulds. I melt to 80-85 c and pour at about 70 c. I think this is correct.

i usually make them in the evening and leave them overnight. I remove them from moulds in the morning at room temperature. Sometimes I get a perfect bar but most of the time the corners stick.

I know it’s not that critical but I want them perfect 😫

Anyone have any advice 😁


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Soy wax that cools too slowly develops large grains.  These large grains tend to release from the molds loosely (sticking to molds while breaking off the rest of the wax block). Pillar blend wants to shrink to cleanly release from a mold. Sounds like the silicone mold you’re using is trapping heat to squash the natural shrink characteristics of the wax. You can try to quick cool the wax in the mold to make the graining fine (small).  Setting the mold over a box fan or similar works for me. This may solve your problem. 


Another trick that works in my shop is to quick cool the molten wax in the pour pot before filling the mold.  Cool on a fan while stirring periodically to distribute the heat well. Pour when cloudy. Continue to quick cool the mold. Usually this gives strong, brittle shiny wax with a nice snap in my shop. Then I don’t need to mess with formulas or FO ratios. 

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Yes I’m using dye too. Great advice thanks so much 👍🏻 I will try all these tips. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ve got loads of testing to do as I’ve only just starting making melts so I know it’s all trial and error 

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Here’s my crafty tip.

Get a notebook and removeable stickers.

Write the method in your notebook, and then also on sticker for back of clamshell?

Wax type

Fragrance load in percentage

Pour temp

Dye and how much dye



In your notebook you should record all your fragrances and evaluations.

Some will be light and some strong.


Remember when change the percentage of anything in candle wax, you change the outcome!

Be precise in testing then you will always be able to duplicate your results.



You might want to start undyed  to learn how your wax works with the fragrance percentage.

Then start with dye. Adding anything to candle wax can change things a lot. Most dyes harden wax, but

I don’t add color as I have enoug issues getting perfect without testing a million colors.

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