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DIY Shrink Wrap System for soap and candles. WHY? BECAUSE, Dammit! It's THERE!!!

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OK! So.... I've been "busy" again. 1f603.png:

 (Yeah, yeah... I know.)

I've made a shrink wrap "system!" 1f603.png:D 

Why? It uses a standard 21" L Bar impulse sealer and a special "deck" to bring the work surface up to the same height as the heating element. Only used a tad over 1 sacrificial 2x4x8' of SPF and a 24"x 36" section of lauan door skin. 

I'm using the National Shrink Wrap perforated 18"x 500' polyolefin as my wrapping material. Cost was approximately $171.99 with the heat gun. (probably less but I'm being generous with my estimate)

It works! (It works FAST too...)





I still have to sand it and put a finish on it (that sort of plywood warps like hell if you don't finish it on BOTH sides.) 

Here's the video of it in action...



The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services. 


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What a great idea.  Very nicely done! Unfortunately, I'm out of storage space...my husband may divorce me if I asked him to build one more thing that has to be stored.  We don't have a garage or basement and a fairly small home.  I've taken over most of it.

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