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Golden Wax 464 Unpredictability?

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Hello fellow candle making friends!


I will try to keep this brief but my biz partner and I are on the verge of starting a candle making support group with all the issues we have been having this week. Haha.. Trying to make myself laugh instead of cry! 


We just launched our business last month after 10 months of testing EVERYTHING from Wax to wicks to fragrances to new vessels. Literally thought we did it ALL. We sold a bunch of candles that we poured small batch and scented meticulously beautifully. Everything was great! People loved them. A few 50 pounds of wax later and many candles made...  I decided to light one at work... The candle was suddenly underwicked... it was drowning. I lit another one hoping that it was a weird fluke... same thing... we have 5 total scents... could it be them all? so we started lighting them and testing them... all suddenly underwicked. We chose to make a few with a bigger wick size and that didnt work either after the 2nd light, it burned terribly with the wick drowning. 


Is it possible that our batch of wax is no good? We literally haven't changed our methods. We have launched a business and now we are freaking out that our candles are worthless. :(


We have 2 sizes of vessels a 4oz and an 8oz and we have 5 scents for each size. We use Golden Soy Wax 464,  Eco 4 & Eco 10 wicks for our vessels. We warm up our jars before we pour and we pour at 135 degrees... 


HELP! Anyone know what could be causing this? Could it be the wicks? Could it be the wax? 


Thank you!

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Welcome to soy wax. This is been happening to most of us who make our living with candles since 2016.


There are quite a few threads about it if you look back a little bit.


im so sorry it’s happening to you. It is devastating. 

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I don’t work with your wax, but from reading posts about soy it seems the best thing to do is order a pallet- all from the same lot. That way you limit the amount of testing you need to do from order to order. 

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ugh so what would you suggest? Do you not use soy? What would you do? Should we buy another batch of wax same brand and see if thats the issue? We are worried about switching wax all together because then we have to reconfigure the scent load and wicks and everything under the sun. Meanwhile we don't want to sell crappy candles... 


Thanks for the support and reaching out!

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How long did you let each of your candles cure before wick testing?


There are some naysayers here on the board but soy does change a lot between one day, one month, and one year. If you are one or more wick  sizes off it sounds to me like you’ve tested too soon.


Again many naysayers will disagree, but find your baseline with your wax with no additives in the container you normally burn. Leave it unscented uncolored. Find your base wick. This way the next time you get a shipment of wax  you can make one sample candle to see if your wicking is suddenly off. It will save you a lot in the long run to understand your wax with nothing else added. 

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How long did you let the candles cure for?

What percentage oil did you use per pound?   Are you using the max?


What are the names of the scents that you have put in your wax and from where?

Have you tested using those same scents?


Are you using more than 6 or 7% oil per pound of wax?


I had much better results using cd's as I found eco's burned very hot and I had more sooting than anything, so that is what I use for 464.


Withe 464 I have had to drop some oils and move onto another.   You might have to do this.   When you mentioned  you tested, did you do in the jars you mentioned?





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