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Copper electroforming, the struggle is real


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Hey @iansmommaya, little by little I’m getting there! One by one the variables are falling into place with the process.  This is harder than candles 🤣.


The latest update was a magnetic mixer to move the chemical process around in the copper bath. Next will be better temp control. Then finally, making my own electro solution.  Something about sulfuric acid intimidates me. I know I know We throw around sodium hydroxide without a second thought, but this is different, lol. 


Far from good, here’s a green man that came out of the bath and is ready for a patina treatment. He needs a polish in the details, but hey, he is covered in COPPER! 



I did manage to cover some beeswax foundation in copper, and have a piece of bark in the bath now. Organics are hard. 

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Holy cow! He’s gorgeous!!!! 


You can can totally do this! Sulfuric acid is only scary if you mess up badly. Remain a wary, remain thoughtful and careful. You’ll mess up eventually, but not badly. You’ll do fine! 


If if you can handle sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide you can handle sulfuric acid! You got this! 

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That guy was sculpted by my artist friend Robin Raab.  I’m doing the chemical part to metal form.  In the end we will have dragons, faeries, etc. with gemstones, natural botanicals, like copper formed leaves, acorns, etc. 


she and i have always wanted a venture together, no better time than the present! We will figure the rest out. Possibilities are endless.  Though, when two artists are together it can be a danepgerous combo 🤣 ideas are flung about everywhere.  Watch out or you’ll be hit with a few 😂

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