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Wellington Fragrance


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They were the first supplier I bought from. To me, what I got was sort of weak but that was when I first started and thought all scents would blow the doors off. I've since ordered a couple from them with good results as far as throw. I only use their Axe dark temptations oil now and will probably buy it from another supplier if I find it. I did get some of their samples that seem pretty strong OOB but I just never got around to putting them in wax. You don't see much about them on here.

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I too purchased from them when I first started (B&B products) as they are local to me and I could pick up.  Some of their scents were okay but many posed issues with ricing/seizing in my soaps and didn't stick well.  It's been years though so maybe they've gotten better.  I also don't like that they have different strengths which leads me to think they may dilute the basic levels. No proof though.    I hear about them once in a blue moon on forums or facebook groups.

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I had the same experience as Shari -- ordered essential oils and every one of my batches had issues with ricing/seizing.  Unfortunately, I placed a large order of over $450 - I should have known better, yet I thought since they were local they'd be better quality.  My mistake. They must be adding or diluting their essential oils. Now I'm stuck with a poor quality product.



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