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Newbie question about wicks

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Hello all!! Newbie here who came across this forum doing research. I recently decided to pick up a new hobby of candle making :) . I ordered a sample kit just to be sure if it’s what I want to do and to get familiar with the wax. I am about to order more wax and wicks, I will be using 8oz tins. I think I want to use ECO wicks,  and wanted to know what size I should get. Acroding to Candle Science I should use ECO 10. From doing research on here I should test up a size and down a size of the recommended size. I also know that the FO also plays a part as well. I guess my question is are ECO wicks good for tins?  If so what sizes normally works the best. 


Thanks in advance 

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Check on all the candle sites like Aztec, Flaming, Bittercreek and all the other big supply companies.


Do a search here on this forum in the fragrance section and see where we all order fragrances from and then check out those companies.



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28 minutes ago, Jane mitchell said:

Hi does anyone use HTP wicks? I am very very new, not made any yet, but having been reading loads. Because I am from the UK I may not be able to get the wicks that you all take about but I have found a supplier that sells HTP which they say is a good choice for candle makers in the USA. 😀

Htp can be quite nice in many waxes. They often lean and curl like many other coreless wicks, but when you figure that part out you should Be able to make a nice candle.

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