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Bigger Photo Light Box PVC and Light Diffusers


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Saw this on my pottery feed this morning and thought bloody brilliant! 


So long as the pvc are not all glued together this could be put away to take less space.


everything is easily available at your local hardware store.  The PVC fittings are in plumbing. The diffuser panels are in lighting.  They’re just the panels used over UV lights. 


For a quickie set up A little duct duct tape and boom done. 


For lamp amp stands you could probably glue together some additional pvc pipes arranged wherever you want them. 

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Very nice! Aren’t these handy for small product shots, candles, soap, jewelry. You can switch out the back drop to a different color, very handy. I made one out a a cardboard box and white fabric back in the day. PVC pipes, great option, sturdier!

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