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Dang you impulsitivity


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I was in a local coffee house today and noticed they were selling container candles.  I know the owner, and I don't know what came over me.  I sent a text and mentioned I saw them, that I'd made melts longer than Scentsy was a company, and if she wanted to think about some branded ones in the future that we should talk sometime.


Of course, she wants to talk...so we'll do that in the very near future. The LLC paperwork has been in place awhile.  I know where to get insurance.  I'm no stranger to the tax paperwork and filing requirements.  I'm a perfectionist, so nothing is ever good enough for me...but the melts are genuinely good enough.  I've tested dozens of waxes and made hundreds of candles, and I know they're good enough too...but I'm doing one more round of testing anyway.


I spend 12+ hours per day in the office.  What was I thinking?  I told my boss, and (love her), she asked what took me so long and that I do my best work under pressure.


We'll see how the conversation goes.  Wish me luck


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