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My soap is sticking to my silicone molds


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My soap is sticking to my silicone loaf molds. I have never had this problem with them but lately I've only had one batch that hasn't and I'm annoyed. I leave them in the mold for 24 hours and I have never had a problem. I haven't changed anything and these molds I got from Nurture Soap are only a few months old. I've had some beautiful soaps that I can no longer sell because they are basically bottomless. I want to continue using them because these are the only molds I've completely beat getting partial gel phase (I do not gel my soaps). I have a wooden mold as well with a thin silicone liner that this doesn't happen with but I can't stop getting partial with it. So I'd rather use the silicone ones. Any advice?

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I think that may be your problem.  Not gelling in silicone can take longer to un-mold than 24 hours.   I have nurture molds that I use pretty exclusively and are 4 years old and if the soap is too soft it will stick.  I gel all my soaps and use sodium lactate.  I un-mold at 18-24 hours gelled.  Couldn't imagine trying ungelled soap.  

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I don’t Force gel and use nurture tall skinny molds.  The green silicone they use is some of the best I’ve found if you learn to read your soap. 


A couple of things I figured out along the way:

The soap MUST complete saponification to easily remove from the molds. If it’s still warm forget it. Leave it longer. If it’s wet it did not reach high enough temps to complete saponification. 


if your soap recipe is sticky (ie lots of castor) it takes longer


if you use full water (or close) it takes longer unless you apply a good deal of heat to it during the saponification process.


the only times I run into problems with sticking now is if the ambient temps area little lower and my soap is cooler when I pour.  To fix that I just put the mold with soap into a warm oven for a few hours, let it cool and everything turns out fine. If not the oven, a heating pad under it over night usually gets ihe job done, 

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I also have the Nurture silicone liners and molds. For batches I know will be soft I use sodium lactate so they will unmold easier. Works great. For a 5 lb loaf I use 1 tbs SL. Gelling or no should make no difference in unmolding. I unmold all my soaps after letting them sit overnight, about a 12 - 18 hour period. Most come out fine but I definitely use SL on all the soft soaps.

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