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Wax Melts with Coconut Wax


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Hello, all! 

I would like to make traditional wax melts (not scoppable) using mostly coconut wax. I am currently playing with Coconut 83. For melts I’ve tested 83 with 6% beeswax, 10% beeswax, and 6% beeswax + 2.5% stearic acid. Everything I’ve tried is too soft and the melts don’t come out of clamshell molds cleanly.

Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve to accomplish this?

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Hi, I don’t use that particular wax but use another brand of coconut wax.I think coconut wax may be too soft. I’ve mixed it with soy and it does better but now switched to a wax suited for melts, there are many! I’m sure you can read posts here or someone will chime in. Good luck!🌸

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Due to the ingredients in coco83, it's probably going to retain some of the stickiness in percentages greater than 50. 50% coco83 and 50% soy (I prefer C3 for this blend but find the HT is a little lacking - will be testing it with C1 soon) is soft but not too sticky. A little stearic or vybar could harden it some more. I haven't tested coconut waxes with vybar, so I'm curious to see if it can help bind some of that sticky, greasy excess. Palm wax is good for blending with coconut waxes as well. Expect to use 20% palm wax or greater... and it may crystallize a little on the surface, although, since you're using clamshells I imagine it'll set up fast and not crystallize nearly as much if at all.

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The best combination that I’ve tried for my melts so far is coco wax + 20% beeswax. They come out of the clamshell molds a lot better than my other tests. 


The other combos that I didn’t like because they were way too soft were:

coco+6% bees+2.5 stearic

coco+10% Palm 2

coco+10%beeswax+20% palm


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