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Gift for Candle Maker

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Hey everyone,


A colleague of mine is celebrating her 40th work anniversary.  We'd like to get her something special and personalized to celebrate.  We know she likes candle making.  Is there something related to this interest that would be a good idea for a personalized gift?  For example, another colleague of mine is a quilter, so we got her a pair of high end shears (scissors) that we'll engrave with a message.


Thanks in advance!

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That is so sweet!

I would suggest a nice metal wick trimmer and a wick dipper with a pretty glass jar ( or other fire/heat proof container) for her to make a special candle in. A good jar can be reused many times, so she will have many opportunities to light it and think of your kindness. You could probably get the wick dipper engraved like you did with the scissors, since they are metal.

Good luck!

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I would be over the moon if someone got me a vessel from here: https://woodenwick.com/product-category/unique-vessels/

Truly unique and beautiful products.

I think this is a very nice wick trimmer: https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/wtmb-eachaccess.html

and they also have a nice wick dipper as well.

For containers, avoid anything thin or fragile, like wine glasses, and personally I wouldn't get anything common like a mason jar or apothecary jar, because they're .... common, lol. 

Sometimes you can get lovely cut glass vessels at flea markets or antique stores, but that's a bit of a gamble because you don't know if they will be able to withstand the high temp of melted wax without shattering. A beautiful hand thrown pottery piece might be a good option. 

For wick trimmers and/or dippers, it's similar to buying scissors. Good quality metal, and a nice finish is a plus. You could try looking on Etsy, there might be some cute sets or something on there. 

Maybe some other people will chime in with more ideas.


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if it was me, I would go with Trapps idea...personally I would be thrilled if I got a gift certificate....I know the giver always thinks it's a cop out ...but really it's the gift of a shopping spree and there probably isn't anything better than that:D

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