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Feeling Fabulous - Emotional Purchases


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Unless  you’re in the business of selling necessities, you undoubtedly rely on your buyers’ emotions  to keep your doors open. 


A follow up to finding your ideal customer (https://www.craftserver.com/topic/114149-who-is-your-ideal-customer/) is how to make that ideal customer feel fabulous so they absolutely HAVE to buy your products.  When a product strikes that emotional cord, your relatioship with the customer changes in your favor. Delighted customers stop looking at the price tag so closely, allowing you to increase your margins which increases your business’ financial health. Cash flow is king! 


One type of customer feels fabulous buying something at a high end department store. Price tag does not matter since the product is worth it to them emotionally. 


Take a look at Diptyque candles for a sec. 


they describe their scents as legendary.  Who doesn’t want to be legendary?

the average 7-8 oz candles start at retail prices of $80. Pretty jars. Juicy descriptions. 


Or closer to home, Jo Malone.

Their basic jars start in the $70 range. 



Or Tom Ford. https://www.tomford.com/private-blend-oud-wood-candle/T55J.html?cgid=3-555-626&dwvar_T55J_color=OC#start=3

square jars that start at near$100


Not quite your cuppa? Then how about Capri blue? https://www.capri-blue.com/products/candles/volcano-blue-signature-jar/

$30 retail is slightly higher price point than many here are comfortable with, but means a simpler, well paved road into profitable wholesale that actually makes the transaction worth while. 


people covet those products, while often you and I get stuck feeling worried about asking a dollar or two more for a “fancy” jar. Just thinking out loud, how nice would it be to sell one candle for $100 versus 10+ for the same money? What ever would we do with all that extra TIME (and money)? 








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Every celeb was once a nobody. 😂



here’s something that made me feel extra special from fire mountain gems. 


a small gesture of a tissue with a cute sticker to tell me I matter and they are proud to send this to me. 

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Stephanie Graham of Micas & More has a stamp that she puts on the outside of her priority mailboxes which is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! It reads: 

"This box is happy to see you too!" 


The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services. 


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