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Hemp ribbon or decorative ribbon around candle

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Hi All 🤩

Question for you ...

Does anyone decorate their jar candles with ribbon, jute or hemp tied around the neck of the jar for presentation purposes?


I love the look and I know hemp can withstand heat up to 700 degrees; however,  I was wondering about the safety of it.


If you decorate your jars, do you tell customers to remove this before burning candle?  Attached is a picture.  The hemp has been cut with short ends and does not come up above top of jar.  


Thanks for advice / input 😍




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I would NOT tie something like that at the top of the jar, so close to the flame. Imagine what would happen if that hemp touched (and quickly became saturated with) oily wax? Plus, that part of a jar can become very hot to the touch. It is just not a good place for a flammable material. I get the "look" you are going for, but maybe use it in a different way. You could even use a longer piece hemp to wrap up the whole thing, with a knotted bow on top. That way, the customer would be forced to untie and discard the ribbon before lighting. 

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I have jute ribbon glued flat under the lip/threads.  I agree, you don't want any loose ends able to get up there near the flame, wind, etc could catch it.  But on the outside of the glass, the jute shouldn't get any hotter than the glass, although I'm sure it could insulate temp a little.  Point is, wick your candle safely, keep any outer material secure.  I don't think you have to forgo ribbon altogether.  

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I do think that part of a jar often gets really hot. If you are really sure that jute can withstand temps up to 700 degrees (?) then I guess it is ok. But if that jute is spray covered w anything or isn’t real jute or if the 700 degrees thing is wrong, then it is not so great!

i think there is a reason that we don’t see fabric wrapped up high on candle jars.  

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The flame is hotter, but glass and wax shouldn't be getting anywhere near 700°  A correctly wicked candle helps prevent the glass from becoming too hot.  


If a candle is badly wicked, and the flame makes the glass too hot, for any reason, the glass could shatter.  That would make the entire candle including any label, material, and all of the wax a hazard. Paper or plastic based labels would be sensitive to heat as well.


I test my candles throughout the life of each to make sure my glass temperature, melt pool, wick, flame size, are all in line.  I'm good with that.  





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