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First time order from Keystone


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Well, I thought I would give Keystone an order and have in my shopping cart these oils which are Peaks oils.

Anyone have any good or bad reviews on them?

They are a little pricey though but if they are good oils, i don't mind paying a bit more.

I especially love they offer free shipping once you reach a 49.00 order.   That to me is especially enticing.


1 pound Christmas Mulberry -  I'll just rename it something else for year round use.

3 pounds Birthday Cake -   Love this scent


1 Ouncers:

Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Citrus Spruce

Pumpkin Honey Chai

Maple and Brown Sugar

Chocolate Grahams

Warm Apple Dumpling

Roasted Pinecones


Any other suggestions?








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