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I also use Candle Cocoon but I use a low percentage (I think the recommended about on the label). If I go higher, it smells cloying and fake in my melts. Using the recommended amount is key for me and smells perfect. 

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I'm on my 3rd Lilac.

I started with the incredible Lilac Blossoms from Snowtop, and it went away. Then I moved to Lilac from CS, which was a fantastic seller for years until I had some wicking issues(and the price increased). So, now I have just tested the very pleasing Lilac from NG, and will be adding that to my line this spring.

Lilac is must have for me, a year-round best seller.

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I use the Lilac from NG.  I've tried about 8 of them and my customers that are lilac fiends like this one best.   I make Soap, B&B.  The only think I dislike is it discolors to a tan so I have to us VS in my soaps.

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