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Question about wick replacement

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I was testing several candles and after a three hour burn two seemed clearly over-wicked. So I pulled the wicks and replaced them with a different wick. When I tested them with the new wick they were even more over-wicked. Is there any reason I shouldn’t pull the new wick and replace it with something smaller? The wax has six hours of burn time, is that not an issue?

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If it’s burned more than halfway down, I would be concerned that the data is not accurate. We know that wick behavior changes as the wax burns down. But it might give you a better idea for the right wick when you do re-pour it. 

So I don’t think it would be useless, but you’ll want to re-test with a full jar at some point. 

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I'm not sure I understand...but here goes...  I replace all the way to the bottom until I find one that works, then make a new one with the "winner" to make sure I didn't imagine the good burn.


Just make sure you let the wax fully cool between burns, and if there's a large ridge of wax level it off to give a better idea how that new wick is doing.

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