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LX equivalent to CD-12?

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Wondering if anyone knows/has tested what the equivalent of CD-12 (to CD-14) is? I mostly use CD-12 for my 3.25 inch containers, and it works well in most fos (close edge-to-edge melt pool after 3 hours). However, there are a few that tunnel. CD-14 resolves the tunneling issue, but I'm afraid it burns too hot (the container temps at >140F), and so I'm not comfortable using them.


I would like to test the LX series but was looking for a ballpark estimate as a starting point.



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11 hours ago, jaybee said:

Just my experience but I've found an Lx 24 to be comparable to a cdn 14, which falls between a 12 and a 14.....this was in 

cbl 130. I would try the 20 through the 24...hth

Thank you!! I just got a LX sample pack form CS and will try 20-24.

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