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Got another account - a vet clinic

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I just got another account - it's a veterinarian clinic of which I'm doing a collection of odor eliminator candles.


Now I need to see which label everyone likes better.

The label has a boat in it rescuing animals.  The label is their logo at the vet clinic.

Now I used the boat in the picture but also added a lot more to the label and one of the things is the dog footy prints.

In 1 label I put 2 dog foot prints on the boat and the other label has just one dog print by the scent.

My question is which label with the dog prints do you like best?   2 dog foot prints or just 1 print?


Thanks for the advice.   Trappeur.....



2 foot prints.jpg

1 foot print.jpg

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I like the prints on the boat best too.


I also have a suggestion... can you squeeze in a line with a paw print that says "dog approved". It has to be in such a way the paw print looks like it is a seal of approval.  Maybe "pet approved" would be a better phrase. Or maybe " pet seal of approval" or something like that. I just think it might look cute. If it doesn't fit than don't do it... but if it does that extra cuteness factor should get some attention.




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Congrats on the new account and that label is cute. 

To answer your question, I like the label with the paw print by the scent name, I think it shows up better and makes more of a statement.

I also like the idea of incorporating the paw print with the "pet seal of approval" and having it by the scent name.

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I've ordered all the labels with the paw print by the scent name.   Unfortunately as cute as it is, the pet seal of approval would have been great but there is no room what so ever to bring it in.   so thanks for everyone's help.



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