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Vanilla Lace (dupe)

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wax: CBL-125

fo load: 7%

wicking: went up one size

container: glass, 8oz jelly

cure time: about 48 hrs

CT: very good

HT: very good*

*This is a very nice dupe, subtle and lovely, but not weak. I like to mix it with just a bit of Amber or musk to give it some punch. I highly recommend it as a non-bakery or foodie vanilla.



wax: KY 133

fo load: 8%

molds: Sillicone shapes

cure: 48 hrs

CT: strong

HT: moderately strong, long lasting*

*great as a background scent.

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CP soap: about 40% animal fats, 60% veggie fats

fo load:5%

lye solution: 30%

cp op (I always do), no addatives

acceleration: no

discoloration: yes, dark beown

morphing: yes, plastic smelling after cure

dry throw: moderate (and yucky)

wet throw: moderate (and yucky)

I was so sad, this just didn't do well in cp soap for me. Luckily, there is M&P!



M&P soap: NG crystal clear base (which wasn't crystal clear, btw)

fo load: 3%

addatives: 5% cocoa butter, 25% liquid oils, 50% raw sugar*

discoloration: dark brown

dry throw: super strong

wet throw: super strong

*This was an amazing solid sugar scrub. The sugar and the cocoa butter took the fragrance to the next level! Soooo good! I didn't even care that it turned a horrid brown!


lotion, perfume, etc. : yes, all of it! Super strong in lotion at 1%, wonderful perfume at 10%

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