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Golden Opium

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wax: CBL-125 & Soy 125 mix

wicking: wicked up a size

FO load: 6%

jar: small toddler jar

cure time: about 48 hr

CT: okay

HT: okay*

*This is a unique fragrance (IMO), with top notes of citrus, an opium and myrrh heart, and a spicy base. OOB is it very strong and a wonderful incense-type fragrance. It just did not deliver in wax. I tried it in the wax melter as well (same wax as above), and still lackluster HT. However, it did not morph at all, so it may be worth a try in a different wax/wick/jar combo.



DPG/FO: 50/50

charcoal sticks

dried about 1 week before lighting

CT: moderate

HT: moderate, did not morph*

*Again, under delivered on its OOB promises.


I bought this in 2017, as an 8oz bottle

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CP soap, about 40% animal fats, 60% veggie fats

FO load: 5%

Lye solution 30%

soaped about 100*, no crazy addatives

acceleration: no

discoloration: yes, light tan

morphing: it definitely flattened out a bit, but was still nice

dry throw: moderate

wet throw: good


I used this in lotion and body butter as well, with much better results. As a perfume, it may require a fixative for optimum performance.

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