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What do you save "junk" wax in that you're going to use in firestarters?

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I asked in another post about saving wax you wanted to preserve and reuse as tarts, but what about wax you don't care about because it's just going to be used as firestarters or something like that, where it doesn't matter if you're trying to preserve any scent?  Obviously it would have to be something that doesn't melt when hot liquid wax is poured over it, but it'd also have to be easy to get the wax out of later.  I also thought about spreading it out thinly and when it's cooled then break it up?  So what do you do?

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I’ve been filling old metal stock pots with scrapped wax to use for patio citronella torches. 5-6 decent size wicks in those pots should be impressive and make me feel less bad about all that scrap. If it ever thaws here we’ll get to try it out.


otherwise I have 6 gallon pails filled and covered.  Makes it easy to burn out stumps with fuel like that. 

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