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Do you save tart wax that still has some scent left to reuse again later?


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I think I want to try to save some that is currently in my one solitary crockpot tart melter (yes, I only have one; I have never found another I like as much as this one).  I'll let it melt in the tart crock and pour it into something else so it can then cool off.  Do any of you save and reuse tart wax like that?  If so, what do you store it in?  How do you go about it?  I may try to pour it into a box lined with parchment paper, let that cool and harden, and then wrap it in wax paper and a polypro bag to store.  Any other ideas?


A lot of us use old wax in firestarters, and for that I really wouldn't care much about it.  But to try to reuse as tarts, I want to make sure I'm preserving it the best I can. 


I really wish I could find another crockpot type of wax warmer like this.  I don't really like all the two-piece and light bulb ones these days.  They just don't seem to work as well.  If any of you know where I might find more of the tiny crockpots, please let me know.  Thanks, guys!

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For my used up or scentless melts pieces I plan on making fire starters and/or tossing them all in a recycled #5 plastic container. I can always melt them all down, mix them together and add a new scent and use it myself or give to friends. 

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