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Do wicks really need to be stuck down?  Was burning some test candles and didn't attach the wicks at base, I just poked a hole all the way down to bottom of jar and put wick in, and done. I read some of you do this on testers. After several days of burning, the candle finally went out and I noticed there was about 3/4 of an inch of wax in container and wick had fallen to bottom. To me this seemed like a good thing in that people couldn't burn it all the way down putting excessive heat at bottom of jar.  It also  makes it easier to deal with wicks especially if you need a quick wick change, and you can call it a safety candle since it puts itself out when it gets to that point of wick falling over and going out, OR is this a no no? I know this would only work in taller jar candles not tins.

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 Short answer: yes. 


Longer answer: depending on your wax and the time of the year wicks will tip MUCH sooner than the last 3/4 of an inch. If the flame gets too close to the side of your jar it can crack and or cause a fire. Stick those wicks down and don’t challenge your insurance.

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Darn straight secure them. If the wick wanders in direction while burning and heats your glass up and cracks, that’s a dangerous situation.

you don’t want customers burning a candle with a misplaced wick that burns the wax lopsided.

Test candles different story that’s why they are called test. Your use only

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