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Air Filters


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I’m sure a lot of you know this. Heck, I knew it. Just didn’t think about it. 


When i I moved into my new house 2 years ago we did a lot of renovations. So we used cheap air filters because we had to change them out every day. There was so much dry wall dust and everything else in the air. 


When it it was done I still had a bunch of those filters left so we kept using them. 


During that time my wax melts were filling up the whole house. Then, at some point they weren’t. 


Ive been stressing out for a year about my product because the scent is only filling up one or two rooms. 


Customers are still raving about it and coming back for more. But I’m stumped because they aren’t that good for me. They are still saying it fills up their whole house. So I’ve been trucking along thinking it’s my sinuses. 


Then the light 💡 goes off. At some point we switched back to the super duper filters that filter out everything including “odor molecules “. 


We we ran to Lowe’s today to buy a cheap one to put in and guess who can smell her wax melts all over the house again! 


I guess i will keep these on hand for my testing days!!!


I just wanted to post for those that don’t know about this or those that, like me, forgot. 


And its something to keep in mind when talking to customers too. They definitely don’t think of that. 

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Dear Abby,


Ninja reviving an older post.


Another  issue with cheap air filters that I've recently noticed  is that some of the smoke/soot makes it through the air filter, into your AC unit, then gets blown back into the house through the ventilation system.


Yesterday I noticed that AC vent in our kitchen had gathered up some black soot.  At first it made sense because the bar in our kitchen is where I do a lot of test burns.  When I went to clean the vent I wiped around it, expecting to see some residual soot on the ceiling.  Nope.  Clean as a whistle.  I then went around and checked all of the AC vents and sure enough all of them had the black sooty stuff on them with the ceilings being clean.  All of that lead me to the deduction that the air filter I was using didn't grab small enough particles and those particles were being recirculated back into the house.


So question 1:. What MERC rating HVAC filter do you guys use?


Question 2:. Since we've started burning test candles we've been having to change the ac filter weekly.  The one in the photo was installed 3 days ago.  Right now it's just black (it was white) and not clogged up but by next Saturday it will most likely need changing.  Part of the problem is that the intake is about 10 feet from my test burn area so that makes it worse.  How often are you guys (again, those that do a considerable amount of testing) having to change your AC filter?  I'm afraid that if I up the MERC level of the filter it's going to clog up even faster because it's snagging more of the finer particles in addition to what my current air filter is getting.  Those higher MERC level filters aren't cheap, especially if you're having to change them weekly.


Thank you,


Unfiltered in Tennessee




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I did a bit of research yesterday.  I'm going to give an air purifier a shot.  The one I ordered is around 26 inches tall and will fit in one of the corners right under our kitchen bar.  It says filter replacement every 6 months.  I'm sure with my use I will never get to the 6 month point without requiring replacement but even if I have to replace a 20.00 filter every 3 months I'm still better off that a 20 dollar filter every two weeks.  I'll report back. 

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