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Question for Those with Commercial Melters

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So another one of my turkey fryers died yesterday.  I have been using 2 melters, one for candles and another for melts.  So now I have been lurking on Ebay looking for another one.  But I have noticed with the asking price and the shipping the cheapest one is like $86.  There are a few sellers asking $110 and $149 plus shipping.  Yikes!  


So anywho.....for those that use the expensive commercial melters.....do you use the same one for different waxes and switch the waxes out every time?  Is it a pain to switch out the waxes every time?  I have done the whole presto pot route in the past and they are just too small.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Yes, that is what I do with the turkey fryers too.  Those commercial ones are nice but expensive, but if they last longer than the turkey fryers it might be worth it.  How long have you had the commercial one?  I found a couple on Ebay that aren't the big huge ones so a little cheaper.  

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Lana,. I'm thinking the same thing.  It's not bad if you can find a turkey fryer for around $50 but the current going price is between $80 to $175 with shipping.  I've been doing this for 11years and I have bought 5 of them.  

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