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Hot plate type warmers and temps

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Made a test candle in a shallow tin and it was the wrong wick. Im moving to a different wick and fragrance but instead of wasting the wax I used it on my hot plate candle warmer.  Now since its a shallow tin I am planning on using, the wax got really hot. Like 220*f hot.  If I plan on selling these shallow tins, like the little 4 ounce ones, what issues with safety do we have to worry about when the hot plate reaches 325*F plus and the wax is 220*F plus?  Do simple warnings about not handling while hot suffice? Or do I need to worry about a McDonalds hot coffee incident..



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I have been playing with the idea of wickless candles of late. Your concern mirrored my concern. I tested both a 10 oz jar and a 6 oz tin on my wax melter. To my amazement the wax in each container only reached about 160 degrees. The warmer itself was only 180-190. My question to you is, are you using a "Hot Plate" or a candle (Coffee Cup) warmer?

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