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Pariffin Wax users, which brand do you prefer?

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1 hour ago, WendySue said:

I was wondering if anyone is using pro blend 400? I'm trying to decide between that and igi 4627 and 4630. I was leaning towards the 4627 the most and then ran across the pro blend. I apologize if I am in the wrong category.


Hi @WendySue I bet if you searched on those waxes you would find additional posts and may even find your answer or get some ideas.

I don't use any of those waxes.

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On 2/28/2019 at 9:10 AM, WendySue said:

Pariffin Wax users, which brand do you prefer? 

Try the igi 4627 you will love it. I use it by itself and also mix it with 444 to smooth it out and adds a little to HT. I make both soy and paraffin candles to cover both preferences. The only thing I don't like about the 4627 is that by itself in clear jars it looks like a Jolly Roger candy in color because it is sooo translucent. Colors are crazy in it though.  Add a little soy to it and you got your own blended 6006 that is more opaque. It is kinda messy, so use rubber gloves when scooping out. Cut the top of the bag down to wax level and leave it in the box, or cut bag all the way down all 4 sides and put it into a 5 gal plastic bucket that has a lid. I use a heavy duty spatula type ice cream scoop kinda what you see them using at Cold Stone, but gonna try one of those cake making straight spatulas that they use to spread frosting, because I heard they work really good. To me when I light it up, its real subtle in FO HT, (probably because of candle nose), until I walk outside and come back in, then BAM!!!! hits you right in the face with how strong the scent throw is with this wax. Good luck, looking forward to your results

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