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Havana Nights

Sarah S

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wax: Palm 1 Crystal from CW

fragrance load: 6%

container: 8oz tumbler

wicking: standard for wax/container combo

CT: very strong

HT: moderately strong*

* This one is a wicking balancing act. Too much heat and you lose the wonderful nuances. Too little heat and the throw is weak. For this smaller container the throw was good, but I think it would be even better with a wider multi wick container. I imagine this will be difficult to get a strong throw in soy wax.


wax tarts:

wax: KY 133

fragrance load: 8%

mold: silicone shapes

CT: strong

HT: moderate*

* I am not a fan of KY 133, so I believe the wax was the issue with the lackluster throw.


wax tarts:

wax: Palm 2 Crystal from CW

fragrance load: 6%

mold: silicone shapes

CT: very strong

HT: very strong*

* So much better in the Palm wax! The oil is fantastic in tarts, multi layered and rich!


I purchased this in 2017 and 2018.


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CP soap, 40% animal fats, 60% veggie oils

fragrance load: 5%

soaping notes: soaped about 100 degrees, 30% lye concentration

no acceleration

light tan discoloration

slight morphing of fragrance*


* The fragrance flattened out slightly in cp soap, but it was fantastic nonetheless. I love this FO, it is rich and complex, super sexy with a Latin flare. Mmmm, Pitbull! Try it in lotion or a body spray if you love tobacco, a nip of rum, sultry florals and little heat!

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