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Comparable apple pie to Peaks

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Anyone know of a good apple pie comparable to Peaks warm apple pie? Some are more cinnamon apple than pie, I want one that smells like the pie and not just the spices/apples. Peaks is just getting too pricey. Someone must have a comparable one that is less expensive.

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40 minutes ago, coffeebean said:

I use RE homemade apple pie for years, it's actually KY version before they closed. I promise, you won't be disappointed. 




Thanks. I already shop there so next time I order will get a sample to try out.


But now it looks like I am going to have to replace all of my Peaks FOs. I believe Alan will be closing for good this time. Last time he closed I replaced most of my FOs except a couple but then he reopened so I continued to buy those. It is sad he is closing but kind of aggravating too the way he closed, then reopened, now closing again. Argh!!!!

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