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Black Raspberry Vanilla


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wax used: Soy 444

fragrance load (%): 8%

average cure time: at least one week

Wax additives: none

container size 9 oz dodecagon  jar

Cold throw: Good

Hot Throw: Excellent 

Fade: No

Other notes: My granddaughter went on and on about how strong this fragrance is and how it made her whole house smell good. My daughter smelled it at her house and then she wanted one, which surprised me, because Lisa usually likes Cinnamon scents only. 

BRV is one of my best sellers, but sometimes I get it from NG.  After Brianna's rave review on Aztec's though, I think I'll just buy it from them from now on.

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Bad customer service this place. Not so great fragrances. Spent 100s and 100s here. Several fragrances from this place NO MATTER the methods used or % would seep from all kinds of different waxes. I reached out to this company asking why I was not able to review products as I depend on honest reviews. I was curious why EVERYTHING had nothing but 5 star reviews and I would order based on this and get garbage. Threw so many expensive bottles away. So I reviewed on google under business and the owner replied  asked me not to shop from them again because I left a bad review on there concerning a particular fragrance and their review system. So in short you are not allowed to review. They sort the good. They run off the honest folks. My money is now spent on companies that allow good or bad reviews. In this journey I found much more stable products honest business owners. I have thrown very little away. Be very aware of the fragrance suppliers that has ONLY list great reviews. 

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I order from Aztec often and have never had an issue with fragrance seeping. You might be ddi g fragrance at too low a temp, or adding way too much fragrance for your waxes. I have never had an issue once with getting a rapid response to any inquiries with Aztec. If you had issues with fragrances, why did you continue to purchase from the,?

They also have one of the best sample programs so you can test before you buy. 
Any company selling Candle Fragrances will have some that are good in your wax or not.

This sounds like this is you not testing fragrances with sample sizes, and or adding too much fragrance, or possible technique, wick issues.

if you would like help, you can post a question and lots of people can help you troubleshoot.

There are many factors involved in making a great candle.

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