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Nutmeg and Spice


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Description:                     Flamings Nutmeg and Spice


Nutmeg & Spice Fragrance Oil

A unique combination of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg with a smooth background of caramel and vanilla. Inspired by the Bath & Body Works fragrance


wax used:                                         soy 464 

fragrance load (%)                           6.5%

average cure time:                          12 days 

Wax additives?                                 UV

container:                                          8oz canning jar, 16oz tin and 20oz tureen 

wicking notes                                  : Normal no issues - used cd wicks

Cold throw                                       : excellent 

Hot Throw:                                        very strong, this is one scent that is very strong with a less than 2 week cure....very impressive


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wax used:                                         4630

fragrance load (%)                           6.5%

average cure time:                          1 week

Wax additives?                                 None

container:                                          4 oz tin

wicking notes                                  Zinc core

Cold throw                                        Very good (7.5/10)

Hot Throw:                                        Very good (8/10)


Very interesting scent.  I thought it would be super spicy smelling it OOB, but it has a sweet note to it as well.  Almost like Christmas Hearth???

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