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Are warmers hot enough lately?


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Other than square dishes (wax hang up in the corners), low watt wall plug ins, and a large clamshell company who sells lower watt warmers (Scen**y)...would you say majority of warmers get hot enough nowadays to use a wax like CBL 141, 4625, or palm without blending in a container wax?  I feel these 3 waxes perform very well on their own for me using hot plates, but not all customers use hot plates.  Every wax actually is throwing amazing for me in quality oils as far as paraffin and palm goes (including CBL 125, 4786, 4630, CBL 129).  Some that say the throw is lighter (which is not very often as I use great oils), I wonder if it just may be the wattage of the warmer they're using and not my melts themselves?  I know I could just eliminate this concern by blending container with one of the 3 mentioned initially, but I like hard clean tarts for warmers.  Plus since it throws so great on its own, why work harder for the same result?  

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I’ve seen palm sellers say their wax can be used in any warmer. But, in my testing, that is not the case. 


With those type of warmers you mentioned the wax melts but does not throw even close to how it throws in other warmers. 


One scent that that would be really strong was incredibly light in a Sce***y warmer. Huge difference. 


With that said, I do think the majority of the warmers on the market get hot enough. And most people have multiple warmers from different brands. 

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