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Some palm pillar questions

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So I made my first pillar candle over the weekend, and I am now super excited about exploring this new territory. Actually, I poured two, but one was such a disaster, I'm not confident I'll be able to test it accurately.

Anyway, I have a couple questions that went unanswered by the search function.

I have spools of wicking that are unprimed. Should I be priming them? I didn't, is that going to mess up my burn?

I got a bunch of mold plugs, and I jammed one all up in there, but I still had some leakage. For the disaster candle I used some Gorilla tape over the hole, and got a river pouring out of the bottom. And now my counter reeks of Nag Champa. 😕 I read in an older thread that @TallTayl reccomends high temp automotive tape, is that still a thing? Does the mold sealer some suppliers sell work? Should I be going for a combo?

Thats all I've got for questions for now. I didn't get the Crystal pattern that I was hoping for, but I didn't warm my mold and my house was really cold, so I think it just cooled too fast.

Here's a pic!



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Not a palm expert here and I know what you mean about disaster pillars.....I am still scrapping palm off my table- that stuff is NOT easy to get off either and wiping the pour pots is a joke, a heat gun is my best friend in that instance

I have never primed my spooled wicking and have never had an issue-  I will say if your using RRD spools you must make sure your threading it in the right direction as that is a directional wick (ask me how I know) 😜


As far as plugs I never used any- I followed TallTayl's advise on the automotive tape and for extra precaution I put a wick sticker over the wick covering the hole and then tape the crap out of it-  and to go further I gorilla tape over the automotive tape just to be sure I don't leak again.....had many leaks before the automotive tape and even with it without the wick stickers but I pour it at 200 degrees so its just hot hot hot


as far as the crystal pattern you should pour into warm molds and insulate them with paper towel and be sure to pour at 200 or as close to as possible as that is what helps the formation of more crystals with a slower cool and save some for the second pour after you poke relief holes

It might be harder to see the pattern without dye, I think the white is beautiful but if you want to see more emphasis maybe try just a tiny touch of a tan or ivory


Your pillar looks fantastic....welcome to a new addiction

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A wick sticker and liberal amount of good quality duct tape or the metallic tape (I forget the name of it) worked for me. One thing I did for working with waxes that need slow cooldowns was to make double layer felt sleeves to slide over the jars/molds before pouring.

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Awesome, thank you so much, @moonshine and @Kerven

They plugs are definitely a PITA, so I'll be happy to ditch them. I will take myself over to Walmart for that automotive tape!

I can easily see how this could become even worse than the container candles, I'm already looking at different shapes and size molds to play with, and I've only made two pillars so far! 😂😂

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