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Peach Nectar

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supplier                                   Flaming Candle


Peach Nectar Fragrance Oil

Fresh peach aroma blended with cream and light green notes. Juicy and rich peach fragrance.


  • Top - apple, green
  • Middle - peach
  • Bottom - floral syrup 


wax used:                                  464

Jars Used:                                 16oz pint canning jars and 20oz tureens

fragrance load (%):                  6%                

average cure time:                   2 weeks

Wax additives:                          UV

Cold throw:                                excellent

Hot Throw:                                 excellent

Wicks used;                               cd

Notes:                                         This would be the 2'nd runner up in place of CS peach nectar should they be out of stock


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