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It's me again (yes AGAIN) Margaret.


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Sooo, I have a QUESTION... (IKR? How BIZARRE is that?)  

I use a 40% lye mixture for the vast majority of my soaps.  Because of the low amount of water in my soaps the water component is moved down to 4th place in my ingredients listing. There are SOME batches that I would prefer to have more water in them just to give me a little more time to play with the batter. In these cases that would move the water component UP in the ingredients listing to 2nd or first place. 

Considering that the vast amount of water in the finished and cured soap evaporates to a minimal amount in the soap i.e.: a batch with a 20% water content will cure out to the same weight as a bar made with 38% water content if given enough time. 

The question I have is would YOU change your ingredients label to move the water component up in these cases? I can very easily make different labels for these one off instances.  Is it really necessary?  


The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services  


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6 minutes ago, TallTayl said:

I don’t. It’s pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme. There ar times when I need to add a splash at the last minute if it’s moving a bit quick.  There’s no way I would remember each time I had to do that...

Thank you! ❤️


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