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ISO FO to keep me from buying Versace Bright Crystal


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If you use this, have you found any FO that is close to it?  I'm trying to keep myself from spending $$$$ on that if I can sufficiently distract myself with an FO for much less, and have it to use in many different applications than just perfume.


Notes as listed on Ulta:

Versace Bright Crystal features top notes of yuzu, iced accord, and pomegranate. Mid notes of rose, peony, magnolia, acajou, and lotus flower rest atop sensual base notes of vegetal amber and musk.


I actually might have a bit of a contender, and it is super cheap, but I wanted to pick your brains too because we have some real scent geniuses here.  I have got to get a sample of Bright Crystal to take home and do a close compare to this, instead of trying to go off memory.  But from what I remember, Nature's Garden Fountain of Youth might be really similar to it.  Here are notes for that one:


Top Notes:  Japanese grapefruit, apple, fresh air
Mid Notes:  lily of the valley, jasmine, cantaloupe, rose, lotus blossoms
Base Notes:  patchouli, musk, ebony woods, bamboo




You can see they're not the same, but you know how different note blends can create something really similar.  Maybe I really just need to get a nice perfumer's alcohol, and that might nudge some of my FOs closer to these designer scents?  I keep using body spray bases but maybe they don't buoy these FOs like perfumer's alcohol would?  Any thoughts on that?


Here is Bright Crystal's page on Fragrantica, if you wanted to read some reviews there to get some ideas about it:





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I've never smelled bright Crystal but it sounds nice.  So does the NG fountain of youth.   I would think the fountain of youth would be a little sweeter with the cantaloupe and apple.  Maybe you could ask on the NG facebook page if anyone has compared the two.  You got me thinking I want to try the Fountain of Youth next time I order from NG.  :)

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This isnt a fragrance oil, but a few suggestions as I am deeply involved in the perfume community. 

1. Check out scentbird. (I have referral link as well) they have bright crystal and many many others. It is 15$ a month and you get 8ml of the perfume of your choice in a twist up spray tin to house the drop in glass. They also have insanely expensive scents as well for the same 15$  month. 8ml is equivalent of 2 sprays a day for 30 days. 

2. Hit up sephora, ulta, nordstroms, macys and so on for free samples. The samples are anywhere from 1 to 2ml up to 5ml usually. They absolutely do not mind.

Happy Hunting!

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