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AAA Candle Supply - $1.00 sample FO sale


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Well. I went and did it.  :)  Ordered a bunch of 1 oz samples.  I was just in the mood.  The price is right on their 16 oz bottles if I decide to purchase some after I get the samples.  Their prices don't fluctuate, every fragrance is $14.95 a pound.  


I'm going to try a few scents I haven't seen anywhere else and I ordered 2 vanillas because I'm always on the search for a good vanilla to see if any measure up to CS's Very Vanilla. Also ordered Cinnamon Stick to compare with CS Cinnamon Stick. I loved Tennessee's Peach Magnolia Raspbery, and when they went out of business I ordered Marketplace from Southwest which smells the same.  So thought I'd try a sample of AAA's PMR to see how it compares.  


Here's my list:

Cinnamon Sticks - 1 oz. Bottle        
Cranberry Tea - 1 oz. Bottle        
Sun Ripened Raspberry - 1 oz. Bottle        
Limon - 1 oz. Bottle        
Sea Petal - 1 oz. Bottle        
Peach Magnolia Raspberry - 1 oz. Bottle        
Waterfall - 1 oz. Bottle        
Spiced Mahogany - 1 oz. bottle        
Dickens Christmas - 1 oz. Bottle        
Lavender Apples and Oak - 1 oz. Bottle        
Mexican Vanilla - 1 oz. Bottle        
Creamy Vanilla - 1 oz. Bottle        
Hawaiian Wind - 1 oz. Bottle
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Nice! I picked up:

Fig Tree 

Marseille Fig 



White Fig 


Cinnamon Sticks


Asian Fig 

Oatmeal Milk and Honey 





Lemongrass Sage 


Tuscan Tobacco 




Leather and Lace 


I am forever in search of the perfect fig scent, and tobacco, and honey. I suppose everyone has a few scents they gravitate towards hehe

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@Elegy, I see you did load up on the Fig scents.  :)  Doesn't look like we gravitate towards the same scents.  I have one FO called Pipe Smoke.  Bought it special for one customer.  It is OK, but that's not a candle scent I want to burn in my home.  Haven't had much luck selling it either.  One other customer ordered it though, along with Brown Sugar & Fig, which I don't care for either.  I was surprised several of my customers did though.  I don't like Patchouli or Sandalwood either. But hey! We both ordered Cinnamon Sticks.  And I do really like Lemongrass Sage. I get that from Candlewic.


Have you used FO's from AAA?  I really don't need to add yet another supplier, but just had to try some $1.00 samples.  :)   And like I said, I really like the one I did buy from them OOB....haven't put it in wax yet though.

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@GailC Hehe, looks like. I am rather obsessed with perfume, which is how I wound up with candles. I love playing with fragrance, I have a list of scents Im trying to create. I lean heavily towards woods (but not pine or cedar) I love honey scents, but I dislike most sweet scents. Im hoping one of those figs is a "green" fig. I haven't actually sold anything yet, but I look forward to it once I get My recipes satisfactory :D

I haven't used AAA, but like you I can hardly turn down a deal like that. 


Have you tried any from Indigo? I have a list of things I want from there, but the darn site keeps crashing!

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@Elegy, I have never ordered from Indigo, but you could do a search in the Fragrance discussion topic.  I just looked and there are 4 pages of posts mentioning Indigo.  I don't see a lot of discussion on that supplier.


My main suppliers are Nature's Garden, Aztec, Candlewic, Fragrance Buddy and Rustic Escentuals.  I also like Mill Creek and Cierra, but don't order from them as often.

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