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Mahogany Spice

Sarah S

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wax used: CBL 125

fragrance load: 7%

container: 16oz straight jar

wicking: wicked up 2 sizes

CT: excellent

HT: excellent, super strong*

*This is another favorite of mine, sometimes it's my #1, sometimes it's my #2 after the Voodoo Love. So rich, so smooth, so strong. I imagine this is what Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) smells like. 😍😍..... Oh, ahem, yeah it's a fantastic FO!


wax used: Palm 1 Crystal container

FO load: 6%

cure: 2 weeks

container: 16oz straight jar

wicking: standard for this container

CT: excellent

HT: excellent (see above - it's even better in the Palm!)

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FO load: 5%

CP soap: 40% tallow, 60% veggie

acceleration: yes

discoloration: yes, medium brown

morphing: yes, got some funky playdough notes*

fading: not sure

*Sadly this was a dud for me in soap, which is ok, because getting the IFRA from CW is such a chore, I'm not even positive it's soap-safe. Just wanted to put this out there in case. If you're looking for a body-safe version of this wonderful FO, WSP's Indonesian Teakwood is nearly identical. I haven't put that one in soap yet, just lotions, but when I do I will report back!

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@Sarah S, thanks for the review.  I have a sample of Mahogany Spice but have been on the fence about buying a pound of it.  It's not my usual kind of scent, but I do like it, and no wonder, since it smells like The Rock.  :)  


I just ordered wax and a couple of FO's from Candlewic and got the 50 free clamshells.  Next time I need wax, I may get some Mahogany Spice.  This time I reordered Lemongrass Sage and got one new scent, Pecans & Pralines.  It's a little late in the season for that one, but oh, the sample smelled so good!

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