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Vanilla Verbena

Sarah S

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FO load: 5%

CP soap: 40% tallow, 60% veggie

acceleration: none

discoloration: yes, dark brown

morphing: just a little bit, it smells "greener" OOB and more vanilla in the soap

fading: none at 6 months

other notes: this makes an awesome lotion or body butter too! I bought it for my BFF's daughter, who loved the B&BW lotion. She loves this even more!

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Finally got this into wax!



wax: CBL 125

fo load: 7%

addatives: none

container: straight sided storage jar, 4" diameter

wicks: 2 HTPs, standard size for container

cure: 1 week

CT: faint

HT: subtle, but lovely*


*This is simply lovely in wax. The verbena stands out more than the Vanila, but the vanilla adds a creamy undertone that is warm and inviting without being "foody". This is definitely what I would consider to be an upscale candle fragrance, that throws well but is a soft background scent. I am so glad I poured myself a big container in this, it will be awesome for spring and summer. :)

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