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Grapefruit & Mangosteen


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Candles & Melts 

wax used: soy, 415, coconut, parasoy 

fragrance load (%) 8%

average cure time: 3-5 days 

Wax additives?

container:  8 ounce square mason, clamshells, 16 ounce mason and straight jar, 12 ounce straight jar, 8 ounce tin, flower pot votives and 16 ounce Apothecary 

wicking notes: Normal no issues 

Cold throw: very good 

Hot Throw:  Medium, no fuel detected, a good grapefruit that’s not to tart or sweet - although not my favorite type of scent I get requests for this one all the time and have to keep it stocked 

Morphing: scent stays true 

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I've had great results with this scent. I've used it with 464 straight as well as 464 plus a little coconut between 10-12% (yes, I know...12% is too high) and 2 week min cure. Very good HT and reasonably strong CT. VERY popular with my customers. The only reason I don't still use it is because I need something that is also soap safe and this one is not. 😕

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