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Soy wax suggestion for a beginner?

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I'd like to try to make my first batch of soy (container) candles and I'd like recommendations as to which soy wax to start with. There are so many available and shipping is costly so I'd prefer not to have to buy a variety of different kinds, although I've read finding the right one may be trial and error. Any suggestions as to what I can at least start with and can expect a decent hot throw with?

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Candlewic and Candles & Supplies are, I think, about the same distance (Doylestown and Quakertown, Penn.) from Buffalo. Shipping should take a day or two. Candlewic, last I checked, offered a sampler of soy waxes that included soy-125, C3, and 464 (it might be 415).


Edit: It's soy-125, C3, 444, and 4 sets of wicks.

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Fillmore is also right around there in PA, they sell soy wax (Cargill waxes I believe). They also have wicks, fragrance, and a fantastic selection of jars. The downside to them is not many sample sizes or kits.

If you go in the other direction, Nature's Garden is in Ohio. They a have a proprietary soy wax blend that has decent throw for a soy, they have a ton of great FOs, and they have wicks, as well as a small selection of containers. Their wax is pricey, but they have excellent shipping.

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