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Renaming Bombshell and Be Delicious


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Bombshell is a VS perfume fragrance.  I really don't like the name, as a perfume or as a candle.  Some of you are so good at coming up with names, so I thought I'd ask for your help.


Here is the scent description from Candlewic: This sparkling fresh fragrance Is a fantasy of red currant flower and sparkling fruity accords Top: apricot & passion fruit with the fresh grapefruit and yummy pineapple Middle: blends red currant flower, peony blossoms, vanilla orchid Base: amber rose, musk.


Be Delicious is a DKNY perfume.  I don't mind that name as much but still would like to think of something else.  


This one is also from Candlewic: 

Top: Sparkling Apple, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Dewy Greens, Ozonic
Middle: Muguet, Rose, Violet, Tuberose
Bottom: Musks, Sandalwood, White Amber, Vanilla


I've had both of these scents for awhile and have yet to do anything with them.  But they would both be good for spring/summer candles.  Thanks for your input.

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2 hours ago, glasllyn said:

It depends on your brand. Do you have pretty straightforward names for your scents or do you use more creative or humorous titles?


I don't use humorous names except for about three, Monkey Farts, Jamaica Me Crazy, and Da Lime in Da Coconut. I bought the lime one basically because of the name.  :) 


I guess I'm looking for a name that would give a customer an idea about the scent.  Bombshell?  What in the world does that smell like?  But maybe lots of people are familiar with Victoria Secret's perfume by that name, even though I wasn't.


I don't rename FO's very often, but I never liked Sea Witch, so I called it Ocean Mist or something, but the last time I made it, I named the fragrance, Mendocino Bay, after a place on the northern coast of California I have fond memories of.  And they sold OK with that name.  



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