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Finally finished my melts in a tin


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Finally finished after futzing around for 2 days of how to make melts and what packaging to do.

Here they are.


A 16oz tin holds about 50 melts.   The melts weigh 5 1/2oz.

Cost for tin and 2 labels is $1.27

If you charge for the melts by weight what should be the WHOLESALE PRICE?

So what would you think be a good RETAIL PRICE?


An 8oz tin costs with 2 labels 1.00.  The melts weigh 3 1/2oz. 

The tin holds about 35 melts. 

So what would be a good RETAIL PRICE


On the labels I will have to add what these things are.   What do you think I should name them?  Wax melts?


Now I could go back and change out the weight on the tins and make the 16oz hold 5 oz and the 8oz tin I could weigh out to 3oz.
















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6 hours ago, Trappeur said:

I redid my Mercier Orchards label and named them wax melts.   Then I added the weight amount on the label.

Do I need to add anything else?


Looks nice but I believe the requirements say to list the ounces as Net. Weight of your contents.

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Ok my cost for an 8oz tin is 1.75 - so I am selling "wholesale" for 4.00 thus making the retail 9.99

Cost for a 16oz tin is 2.50 - so I am selling "wholesale" for 6.00 thus making the retail 11.99


I know my markup might be a lot for these you all are thinking, but I know my market at Merciers and they will sell.




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