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Rollerball material: do you find plastic degrading over time?


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You can get rollerballs with a plastic ball or a metal one, with the metal of course being more expensive.  So have you noticed problems with the plastic that would make it better to invest in the metal ones?  Bottles on both are glass.  I'm looking at ones from WSP but I may look at others.

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Darbla, I have a rollerball perfume with a plastic ball that I bought back in 1998. It's still good. That being said, I didn't make the perfume, so I couldn't tell you what ingredients were in it or at what concentration.

I have an oil-based rollerball perfume with a plastic ball from at least 2009, and that one is still ok too. Again, I didn't make that one.

Anything that I've made is only 4-5 years old at the most, so not sure if that's helpful.

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